About Cheryl Clingen

Published on 29 May 2015  |  Posted by Cheryl  

My name is Cheryl Clingen and I am a 62 year old artist, porcelain doll maker, miniaturist, mother and wife living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have a love for helping other people and creating “anything small”

I am also a survivor of Parkinson’s Disease and an ambassador of hope for people living with Parkinson’s.

I dedicate a part of my life to helping other people with Parkinson’s by sharing my experiences and educating people through my story.


I have a deep love and passion for my art which I market under different brands and businesses:


picture Minimolding on Facebook

Minimolding Website

Minimolding is my online store for marketing my products to anyone anywhere. The main product is Mini Mold, aka Oyumaru, which is a re-useable thermo-plastic molding which is 100% non-toxic, food safe, quick and easy to use and which picks up the tiniest details in little things people want to make molds of.


Cheryl Clingen Dolls and Miniatures

picture Cheryl Clingen Dolls and Miniatures on Facebook


Cheryl Clingen Dolls and Miniatures are premium handmade porcelain and resin dolls made for international collectors. Recognised by porcelain and miniature specialists around the world. I became interested in making dolls at a very young age after my mom couldn’t afford a doll I wanted so badly.

My achievements include:
- Certified Master of Porcelain doll making: Doll Artisan Guild, Oneonta, New York 1994
- Certified porcelain dollmaking teacher : Doll Artisan Guild, Oneonta, New York
- Certified Artisan: Doll Artisan Guild, Oneonta, New York
- Certified Artisan: South African Academy, Johannesburg.
- Committee Member of JSME, Johannesburg Society of Miniature Enthusiasts, 2012-2013.
- Member of the Academy of Miniatures for 15 years


Gulliver’s nook

Gulliver's Nook Website

Gulliver’s Nook is a physical space for youngsters and adults to explore fantasy, creativity and arts and crafts so that they can rediscover their inner craftsmanship. It is a small “nook” where crafts people can visit, shop and learn. The store will be opening in May/June 2015.  


My Life A photo collection of the most important things in my life.

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My Work A photo collection of my work from the past, present and future.

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My Future A photo collection of my dreams and projects for the future.

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