Healing My Parkinson's Disease

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Disclaimer: The information captured here has not been collected using scientific or formal research protocols and is in no way to be considered as medical advice or to make any medical claims. It is simply a personal documentation of a journey I have been on since January 2015 related to my experiences with Parkinson’s disease. When working with any form of illness using conventional or alternative methods, please make sure you do it in conjunction with a qualified medical expert. 

My intention of this section of my blog is to share with you experiences I have had over the last few months related to my journey with Parkinson’s disease. There have been dramatic and unheard of changes in my condition since beginning work with new advanced psychological based protocol since the beginning of this year (2015).

I encourage you to read it with an open mind and understanding that what we have achieved has been as a result of work that is new and exploratory in its application to Parkinson’s disease. By sharing my story I hope to explore new paths, shed light on new experiences, to give hope to others who suffer from the disease and begin exploring the possibility that there may actually be a solution for those who suffer from the disease. I also hope to bring awareness to the work of the people who have helped me overcome the challenges I have faced with Parkinson’s, which I hope eventually also possibly attracts funding for actual research and with the hope of assisting other people.


Healing My Parkinson's Disease

This is a chapter of my life was something I never believed I would have authored. Parkinson’s disease is a subject that actually very little is known about. Up until now there is no known cure or even known cause for the disease. I have not come across a case where a full recovery has taken place. However in a short space of a few months I have seen a dramatic transformation in my mental, emotional and physical state of wellbeing.

As the doctors explained to me Deep Brain Stimulation surgery is not a cure for Parkinson’s. Its effect vary from patient to patient, however a patient who receives the surgery is still susceptible to the effects of Parkinson’s. The implant improved the quality of my life, but over a few years the symptoms gradually got worse, my physical condition began to deteriorate and once again life became unbearable.

In 2013 I was to about to hit another low in my life. I was dealing with a lot of personal issues that dealt me a severe blow to my self-esteem. You could say I went wildly off the tracks. Besides my personal challenges, my mother was severely ill and suffering from dementia and I was involved in family conflicts with my siblings. By the end of 2013 my life had come crashing down on me again. It left me completely shattered, full of anger and wounded, not knowing what had hit me and why. It was a year of absolute hell!

In 2014 the stress began to take its toll on me physically. I got what is called a “break-through” tremor in my legs which was so bad at times that my whole body shook. Attempts to control it by adjusting my stimulator were unsuccessful.

To top it all off in January 2015 my mother passed away. It felt like my whole life was an unresolved disaster. Nothing was good, nothing made sense and life was not worth living. I had reached yet another all time low in my life. The symptoms of my condition had worsened even with the DBS implant, medication and antidepressants I was on.

In fact I had actually spent the previous year collecting tranquilisers with the intention of overdosing on them. Not only did I find myself deep in the blackest depression again, but our financial situation hit the brakes too. We were struggling month to month without having to dip into our preciously small pension that we had accumulated.


A New Chapter

Amidst all this chaos and pain I was about to enter a new and unexpected chapter in my life. My daughter had introduced me to two of her friends living in South Africa and I had become friends with them. One day, early in January 2015 I met Yumi for lunch. She told me about a few personal issues she had dealt with over the last few years. After a work accident she suffered from severe chronic pain which prevented her from working, going outside and even being able to fall asleep. At its worst she would go without sleeping for 7 days in a row. She mentioned that she knew someone who might be able to assist me with some of the challenges I was dealing with. She referred me to a friend, Martin, who had helped her overcome her emotional and physical challenges. I messaged Martin in order to see if he would be willing to see me and to also set up an appointment. Shortly thereafter he contacted me by phone to gain more information on what I was dealing with, in order to assess whether he would be able to help.

Through a conversation with Yumi he had learnt that I had also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and that I had lived with it for a number of years. Meeting Martin for the first time soon after the death of my mother was nerve-wracking. I was nervous but determined to change the patterns in my life, albeit at this age. The reason I went to see him was to find some peace of mind somewhere in the chaos surrounding me, little knowing that he would be helping me in other ways that have really surprised me.

He also mentioned that he was particularly interested in working with me as he had a special project researching and helping people with motor-neuron diseases. I agreed to be part of it so that I too could perhaps help other people in some small way. The journey we’ve been on is difficult to put into words. It is something that can only really be understood by going through it. Since the 19th of January we have met over 5 consultation sessions.

Consultation 1:

Our first appointment took place on the 19th of January 2015. He explained his background and the theory surrounding how he was going to assist me. He had a theory based on his own work and from various teachers he had worked with over the last few years that there was a link between the mind and the body and that our emotions and perceptions we have of events, people or perceptions in the past could manifest physically as disease in the body.

By addressing and balancing out those perceptions we could possibly provide an environment where the body could heal and return to a natural state of wellbeing. He spoke about past work he had done on previous clients and how there had been amazing transformations in their lives. He mentioned as well working with clients who struggled with physical disease or symptoms and the profound effects it had on their wellbeing. He had embarked on a project of working with clients who suffered with chronic medical diseases such as myself. Our first objective however was to work on the personal and emotional challenges I was facing in my life at the time and then we would see if that would have any effect on my physical symptoms. The first session left me quite bewildered. I had done a little research on the methods we would be using before I saw Martin for the first time, but on the whole, I didn’t understand the reasons for the questions he asked me until later. Our first session lasted 3 hours, and at the end of it, I felt like a ton had lifted off my shoulders. The next day, it seemed as though the sun had come out for the first time in a long time. Things changed in one day - It was just amazing.

After the first consultation I felt hopeful for first time in years. Even my husband noticed a change in me and I could feel it too although I couldn’t explain it. I was starting to realise that I was just beginning a new journey and although I knew I had a more of work to do, I was shocked about how much amazing change could happen in a day. I was able to drop decade’s worth of emotional baggage in a day and I noticed it had a huge effect on my energy, emotions and outlook on my life. I saw changes in the people around me, my consciousness and awareness. However I was yet to see any change in my physical symptoms. Needless to say I was on a bit of a high for a day which came crashing down a day later.

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