Healing My Parkinson's Disease

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Consultation 2: (1 week before resetting DBS)

Before I had met Martin I had set an intention to have an adjustment on the settings on the DBS implant. I was not happy with my physical condition. My Parkinson’s symptoms were unbearable and causing extreme discomfort and disability. My legs were shaking so badly that they were causing my entire body to shake and I was unable to carry on with my work and life.

By resetting the DBS implant I believed that the symptoms could be more controlled. So I had scheduled an appointment with Nicola, who is my DBS technician, to help me with the reset. Resetting the DBS implant involves using a disc connected to a handheld computer which can be placed over the implant and used to read and change the settings.

I had a second consultation scheduled with Martin a few days before my appointment with Nicola. After gaining a deeper understanding on the theory of the work Martin felt I was ready to work on a deeper level. We worked on deep unresolved emotional baggage I carried from the past. We highlighted a few family issues that I carried huge resentment and anger towards. I was amazed by what I was able to remember from past interactions with my mother. Things I hadn’t resolved and I couldn’t understand up until then. We worked clearing that emotional blockage and letting it go. I made realisations about how important a balanced perception is, I gained a deeper understanding about who my Mother was and why things happened the way they did. It all made sense suddenly and I felt a sense of freedom from the unbalanced emotions I had been carrying for decades.

I felt the tension in my body subside, I felt I was able to carry on with life again and I felt a huge sense of gratitude. Martin recommended I hold no expectations of the work we had done that day and that we I just focused on relaxing.

Two days later I went for the scheduled reset of the DBS implant. I was feeling extremely fearful of the reset process and what would happen when we turned the implant off. In 2012 I had a ‘reset’ where we completely switched the implant off for about 10 minutes and my body regressed to the way it was before the surgery with extreme tremors on both sides of my body.

The reset procedure I had scheduled with Nicola was the first major reset since that time. I was afraid that my body would shake more than it did before the surgery because of the amount of time that had passed. I had asked a close friend to accompany me because of my fears and to support me through the process. She also helped me film the resetting process. My neurologist was also on hand for the process.

Video of the Deep Brain Stimulation Implant Adjustment (February 2015):

When she switched it off I was shocked to find only one side of my body had a tremor. I kept waiting for my left hand to start shaking, but it didn’t. There was no explanation for this and it was completely unexpected. I began to believe what had happened during the sessions with Martin may have changed something that could have affected my symptoms. However I was not sure, but I was definitely willing to carry on with what we had started. Nicola had not completed a full a reset of the implant at that time. She had just turned it off and then back on with a few adjustments to the settings. We then scheduled another appointment for a more intensive reset.


Consultation 3.

DBS Reset 2 A week after the first DBS reset with Nicola I hit an emotional low. There were few family issues that had arisen that brought back old memories which filled me with anger and resentment. This emotional turmoil also affected my physical symptoms which included tremors on my right hand side and negatively affected my speech. This emotional challenge prompted me to book another session with Martin where we continued working on unresolved issues from the past. We focused specifically on working on the anger and resentment I was feeling towards my brothers. I again was told to go home and rest and not focus too much on the work we had done. I noticed my emotions began to stabilise and even a large scare that happened with my husband’s employment situation did not keep me down for more than a few days. I returned for a few more sessions over a few weeks and with the assistance of Martin I have been able to clear and release years of baggage I’ve carried from the past. All this work has been translated into amazing changes in my emotional, mental and physical condition. During the second DBS reset with Nicola again my left hand showed no signs of tremors and even my left leg had seemed to improve.


Video of the Deep Brain Stimulation Implant Adjustment (March 2015):

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