My Future

Published on 29 May 2015  |  Posted by Cheryl  |  Filed under Healing Parkinson's Disease

Six months ago I had collected enough sleeping pills to commit suicide. I was so depressed that there was a possibility that I would not live through till the end of the year.

An important part of my healing protocol is to find a purpose and to set goals for the remainder of my life. Without a reason to live all the work we have done becomes obsolete.

Remember that just a few months ago I was ready to end it all. I had no expectation of a future of a life on earth and no dreams or goals to go with it either. Having a transformed outlook on life and an improvement in my health creates a need to set new goals and dreams for the future.

This section of my blog is dedicated to setting goals, dreams and intentions for what I would love to do for the rest of my life. It is also a section I will be continually updating and exploring for my own personal healing and experience. 

Gulliver's Nook

Gulliver’s Nook is a physical space for youngsters and adults to explore fantasy, creativity and arts and crafts so that they can rediscover their inner craftsmanship. It is a small “nook” where crafts people can visit, shop and learn. The store will be opening in June 2015.

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