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This section of the blog is being published on the 2nd of June 2015 and I will be continually updating this part of my story in the months to come.

A lot has happened since my last post and there have been many ups and downs. So much has happened in fact that I have not been able to record all the changes as things have been changing very quickly. There have been a few extremely challenging days, but as a whole there has been positive movement and transformation over the last few months.

Months have passed since I began working with Martin and since I began working on this blog. I have a better understanding now of what the process involves and the theory behind the work we have been doing. In the beginning I was introduced to the theories and principles of what the work involved, but it is something you can only understand once going through it. We still take each step as experimentation and we just observe the effects of the work with an open mind.

Reading the blog you may wonder why I mention all the things from my past and the relationship with my family. The foundation of the protocol has been to use an integrative process to dealing with Parkinson's and the other challenges in my life. By integrative I mean we work on healing from a multidimensional point of view. Not just working on my physical symptoms but also mental, emotional and even spiritual areas of my life that may be affecting my physical life. The theory is that our emotions and belief patterns can affect our physiology and that by addressing any unresolved issues I may have from the past, there may be a positive effect on my body.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts there were noticeable changes in my emotional and mental state of wellbeing at a very early stage of the process. As time has gone on I have noticed physical changes with specific Parkinson’s disease related symptoms such as the tremors.

There has been a continued improvement in my physical wellbeing over the last few weeks, sometimes completely unexpected. While having breakfast with a friend one morning, I unconsciously picked up a knife and fork and began to cut my food and feed myself. Although this may seem insignificant to most people, it was the first time in three years that I was able to eat without needing someone to cut my food up for me. I only noticed I was doing it after the first few mouthfuls. Before that day I had been unable to cut my own food with a knife and fork because of the instability in my hands. I would either ask someone to cut the food into bite sized pieces or order food that did not need cutting.

Video of the me being able to eat on my own without help from others:

DBS Stimulator Self-Adjustment

I have been struggling with my speech over the last few weeks. I had noticed an improvement in the tremors over the previous few weeks and I wanted to see how my body would react when turning off the stimulator. I decided to perform a self-adjustment to the DBS implant and turned the stimulator off to see how my body would react with the stimulator turned off. It was not a good idea as I experienced extreme discomfort and pain when turning on the stimulator again. I wouldn’t suggest turning the stimulator without the guidance of a professional.

However, as you can see on the video my speech had improved and there has also been and the tremor in my right hand appeared to be less severe than it was during the other resets I had with Nicola.

When turning the stimulator back on it automatically had a negative effect on my speech. I also spent the next few days after turning it off in extreme discomfort. It felt as if all the work I had achieved working with Martin was gone. However in a few days and more work my body began to stabilise again.  


Video of the Deep Brain Stimulation Implant Self-Adjustment:


I can say that in a space of 4 months there has been an 80% improvement in my condition. I have performed 2 more resets on the DBS implant and still my left hand shows no tremor and I have noticed an improvement in the right hand side of my body as well. There are days where I experience no tremors at all. My original intention for seeing Martin was to find peace of mind with regards to what was happening on a family, emotional and mental level. Not for a minute did I think it would affect my disease or the symptoms.

Although we still don’t know where we are going in the future, based on my transformation so far I cannot deny that there is a possible solution for others dealing with the same challenges I have faced. And honestly why shouldn’t there be? I am grateful to be able be going through the process and sharing it with you in the hope of assisting other people.

I can’t claim yet to be completely healed as we are still continuing with our work and we are still monitoring the effects on my condition on a weekly basis. There are still problems with spasms in my body, difficulty walking and issues with my speech. However we will continue working to see how far I can take my healing.

We don’t really know the potential of the work we have done or how. Some of the symptoms may not improve due to the nature of human body.

What I can confirm is that:

  • I have started a process with my doctor to lower my dosage for my anti-depressants
  • I don’t harbour anger or resentment to my brothers or mother anymore
  • I am rebuilding my business and starting a new one
  • I am able to feed myself without the assistance of another person
  • I have lost 3.5 kilograms within the last 3 months without any change in my diet
  • There has been a 80% of the reduction in the tremors in my body
  • I have lowered the DBS voltage settings and still seen no tremor in my left handor in my left hand
  • I have reduced the intake of my Parkinson’s medication
  • My depression is gone
  • My career is starting to grow again
  • My social interaction has improved significantly
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