Understanding The Mind Body Connection

Published on 8 September 2015  |  Posted by Cheryl  |  Filed under Healing Parkinson's Disease

Many of you have been asking about what has brought about this transformation in me.

Firstly it has been a lot of hard work and as you know from reading my blog I still face lots of ups and downs and it has not been an easy journey to get where I am.

Some of the changes that have happened to me physically are unheard of with regards to Parkinson’s disease. Although I may not be completely healed yet there is definitely a continuing improvement in my overall lifestyle all the time.

My journey of healing started off working with a skilled healer who had a theory on how he could help me with my Parkinson’s and other challenging events I had been dealing with in my life.

I have made it one of my goals to help him and his business partner share the work that they do so that other people can hopefully achieve a similar level of transformation as I have. Martin works with a skilled homeopath Loretta who has published an amazing talk that explains the work that Martin has been using with me.

I have decided to share the talk on my blog to help them spread their work. You can contact them through their website at: www.samrucci.com


Understanding the Mind Body Connection by Dr Loretta Ferrucci

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